Expert Services

False Confessions

David Fisher and Jane Fisher-Byrialsen are both experts in false confessions.  Both David and Jane have lectured on this topic many times, have had numerous false confession cases, and have been hired as experts for other defense teams with cases involving false confessions.  

Police Practice

Natasha Powers-Marakis was a police officer for 14 years, and retired from the City of Palo Alto, California Police Department as a Sergeant. As a court-qualified expert in police, security, and public safety practices, Ms. Powers-Marakis has been retained in more than 250 cases in 5 jurisdictions. Ms. Powers-Marakis has testified on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs, in both civil and criminal cases. Ms. Powers-Marakis currently holds the following certifications:

As a former police officer, supervisor and manager, Ms. Powers-Marakis has been trained in all aspects of policing including the use of firearms and lethal force, pressure point control tactics (PPCT), TASERS, police pursuit driving, police motorcycle operation, riot control, the use of chemical agents, police batons and truncheon devices, hand to hand combat and arrest control tactics, handcuffing and other restrain devices, and the use of stop sticks.

Ms. Powers-Marakis is also trained in the investigation of homicides, and officer involved shooting investigations, use of force investigations, and internal affairs investigations, and the writing and revision of use of force police and procedures. Ms. Powers-Marakis has extensive expertise in how and why police officers are trained, what established police practices are, and how reasonably-trained and prudent police officers perform in the line of duty. Ms. Powers-Marakis has evaluated thousands of police incidents over my career in policing and as a police practices expert. Many of these incidents involved lethal force in officer-involved shootings resulting in serious bodily injuries and fatalities to citizens as well as police officers, and the use of less-lethal force which resulted in minor and serious bodily injuries to citizens and police officers.

Ms. Powers-Marakis currently holds the following certifications:

• Certified litigation specialist in police practices, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE)

• Certified Force Science Analyst, Force Science Institute, Minnesota State University at Mankato

• Certified instructor in the management of excited delirium/agitated chaotic events and the prevention of arrest-related in-custody deaths, Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths (ICIPD), Henderson, Nevada

• Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, FBI Method, Monterey, California

• Certified Taser Master Instructor and Armorer, Scottsdale, Arizona