Civil Rights

Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights Litigation under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 includes wrongful arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution, failure to investigate, false imprisonment, and more. The law firm of Fisher & Byrialsen, PLLC, has a wide breadth of civil rights clients from those who were wrongfully arrested and jailed for a few nights to those who spent years in prison for crimes they did not commit. The attorneys at the firm have also represented individuals shot and beaten maliciously by the police in a variety of jurisdictions. The firm’s lawyers actively and aggressively pursue these cases and are not intimidated by the police or the government. The attorneys of firm have successfully settled over one hundred civil rights cases and taken many to trial.

Representative Cases

In Re McCray v. City of New York, et al., 03 Civ. 0735 (S.D.N.Y.)(DB) – Also known as the Central Park Jogger case; a Section 1983 claim for malicious prosecution on behalf of one of the five young men exonerated of any responsibility for the rape and attempted murder of the “Central Park Jogger” in 1989. This case ultimately settled for $12,250,000 for the firm’s client, Mr. Wise.

Hector Ortiz v. The Port Authority of New York, 12 CV 3086 (E.D.N.Y) (RRM) – six figure jury verdict for a man severely beaten by Port Authority Police at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Caraballo-Degnan v. City of Jersey City, et al., U.S.D.C. 2:08-cv-03165 (D.N.J) (WJM). Large settlement obtained for man assaulted by Jersey City Police sustaining fractured skull and other serious injuries.

Whitson v. Hanna, 18CV2076, District of Colorado.   Jury Verdict of $8,250,000 after trial.  The Former Sheriff of Sedgwick County was found liable for false imprisonment and excessive force in the form of sexual assault of our client with mental disability.  The jury found that former Sheriff Hanna took our client to his home where he sexually assaulted her.  This verdict was a giant victory for our client who has suffered for many, many years.  

Fisher & Byrialsen, PLLC handles all civil rights cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the firm does not get paid unless the case is successfully litigated or settled.

Korey Wise Innocence Project

The Korey Wise Innocence Project (KWIP) was founded in 2010 at CU Law Schoool thanks in large part to a generous grant by Korey Wise of the Exonerated Five. Jane was lead counsel in Korey Wise’s civil rights case and is now proudly a board member of KWIP. In addition, Jane has several exoneration cases with KWIP and the national Innocence Project in New York. Please see the links below for more information and the ability to donate to KWIP.