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Jane Fisher-Byrialsen's book, Min kamp for Retfærdighed, is available using the links below.

Min kamp for Retfærdighed

‘My fight for justice’ (English translation) is the story of Danish star lawyer Jane Fisher-Byrialsen, who lives and works in the USA – and who became known at home for the ‘Malthe case’, where she fought to get the Danish education student who was accused of pedophilia during an internship in New York, acquitted. Jane tells her own unusual story in parallel with the fact that the biggest cases she has worked on are unfolding as true crimes, i.e. The Central Park Five, the Renay Lynch and Malthe case. We follow the investigations, the wrongful convictions and Jane’s legal work and fight for acquittals and justice. What many of Jane’s clients have in common is that they have confessed to crimes they never committed because the police lied and pressured them during the interrogations, so that they finally ended up confessing because they saw no other way out.

Jane Byrialsen & Thea Pedersen

Jane’s book, Min kamp for Retfærdighed, was written with journalist Thea Pedersen, both pictured here.