About Fisher & Byrialsen, PLLC

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Specialized Boutique Litigation Firm

The firm Fisher & Byrialsen, PLLC was created with the central goal of providing social justice to the community. The Firm is a boutique litigation firm that specializes in civil rights and criminal defense cases. We will vigorously represent you — whether your civil rights have been violated or you need an attorney with expertise in complex federal and state criminal law charges. The Firm has a record of consistently superior outcomes; we draw from our deep collective legal expertise to deliver outstanding results for all of our clients. Most importantly, we believe in client centered representation; we make ourselves available to explain all aspects of your case and to make sure you feel fully represented throughout your case.

Experience, Commitment, and Results

Facing any legal matter can be difficult and is often very stressful. With the right law firm by your side, you have the opportunity to turn a serious challenge into a positive outcome. Not only does our team have decades of collective legal experience and over 50 combined trials, but we have a strong commitment to our clients that drives our work. The team’s experience and commitment is demonstrated by the Firm’s record of successfully litigating complex civil rights and criminal cases.


Pro Bono Commitment

Fisher & Byrialsen, PLLC is committed to giving back to the community. As a result the Firm accepts a number of pro bono cases each year. In the past the firm has represented individuals in a variety of criminal cases on a pro bono basis, and currently the Firm is handling a complex exoneration case out of Buffalo, New York involving a false confession to a murder charge on a pro bono basis.