Witness's Mental Health Issues Leads Tossed Over to 64 Year Prison Sentence

A Colorado Springs man serving a 64-year prison sentence for armed robbery has had his conviction overturned after his attorneys discovered that the state's star witness in the case had been found mentally incompetent in another criminal prosecution twenty years earlier. The witness's troubled psychiatric history was never disclosed at the 2010 trial of Tony Blue, and both defense and prosecution teams were evidently not aware of it at the time. "This is such a rare case," says David Fisher, one of Blue's post-conviction attorneys.


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New York Prosecutors Object to New DNA Testing Crucial to Murder Trial

New DNA testing may answer a lot of questions surrounding the trial for the murder of Louise Cicelsky. Inlcuding whether or not the convicted Renay Lynch had a part to play in that murder. However, New York prosecutors involved in the case seem to be unwilling to reopen the conviction.

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$825,000 Settlement After Police Beat, Tase, Pepper Spray Diabetic Man

A man was beaten, tased, and pepper sprayed by the police in Commerce City after they msitakenly assumed him to be a drunk driver resisting arrests. Carl Leadholm was instead experiencing symptoms of a diabetic shock when the police pulled him over. A $825,000 settlement was reached last month.

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Man Claims Officers Attacked Him During Diabetic Episode

CBS Denver

January 3, 2017

A police department already under investigation by the Department of Justice is now facing a federal civil lawsuit for a man who claims excessive force by officers while he was having a medical episode.

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Lorenzo Montoya: The Man Who is Suing Denver for $30M, Claiming He Was Coerced Into Confessing Murder

Last month, Lorenzo Montoya filed a civil-rights complaint against the City of Denver and the police officers who built the murder case against him, seeking $30 million in damages because “he doesn’t want other kids to go through what he’s been through.”

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